Expertise and Training


Whether you want to buy a cryo, recovery or health device for private use, add a recovery room or health care studio to your group physio practice, performance or personal training centre, or expand the recovery room of your sports club….

Based on our expertise, we help you with the right product choice, and then through professional training and after-sales support, we become your ideal partner. With CryoHealth as your partner, you can also benefit from a personalised and qualitative total approach. Our all-in rental & leasing packages are 100% worry-free.

1. Expertise

Consultation, advice and demonstration

Based on your goals and ideas, we will advise you on the appropriate recovery concept. Of course, this proposal will not only be made within the available space, but also within your budgetary possibilities.

This is why we would like to welcome you to our CryoHealth Showroom where you will not only be able to see a demonstration of the proposed recovery equipment, but also to experience it personally. All this under the guidance of our expert.

2. Product Choice

Visualization and implementation

If required our design experts will create and present a CryoHealth 3D-Visualization of your recovery space.

Choice and implementation of the right recovery device or recovery concept in your private environment or your existing organisation and agreements on delivery, installation and maintenance are discussed. All this within the agreed budget.

3. Training

Delivery and installation

We guarantee a perfect delivery and installation of the recovery equipment in accordance with the agreements made. During delivery, we also demonstrate the use of the devices.

If training of the delivered recovery device or concept is desired, our CryoHealth Expert can always be consulted.

All about premium quality

All of our devices have been carefully selected based on quality, safety and performance, as well as durability, guarantees and return on investment. For private use, we also looked at ease of maintenance, easy installation, no extra renovation, plug-and-play system, environmental friendliness and limited recurrent costs regarding energy consumption. Always available with a custom logo and a personalised finish.

The partners we love to work with



We design and build the future proof functional training gym that meets all your needs and combine STRIDE equipment with best-in-class cardio machines, rubber flooring, sprint tracks, storage solutions and interior design elements. We’re based in Belgium and operate across Europe.

Cedric - Keiser

Cedric - Keiser

Since 2019 I have represented ‘Keiser’ BeLux, mainly known in the rehabilitation and top sports world. With its pneumatic training equipment, Keizer has an arsenal of training materials to enable people to train functionally depending on the specific objective. In addition, the company Keizer tries to develop complementary products and therefore has partners such as Cryohealth and Stride.

– Cedric Massart



Kloodos understands spa. Passionate about anatomy and physiology, they have an impressive list of experts on our medical advisory team and They dive deeper into technologies than any other supplier!  Delivering carefully curated and perfected protocols and concepts that deliver on all levels. Kloodos don’t just shift chunks of metal, they orchestrate a tight offering that merges hands and tech and simply, delivers. Integrated care menus get results that that those not working with Kloodos lack and so struggle as a consequence.

KPNI Belgium

KPNI Belgium

As a knowledge center for doctors, therapists and coaches, kPNIBelgium specializes in clinical psychoneuroimmunology. With the clinical PNI you dive into the clinical picture, looking for real causes and connections, focused on the unique and complete story of each patient. The science of kPNI helps you see beyond the symptom and put your patients back in control of their lives and health.



InBody is a global pioneer in body composition analysis. InBody’s vision is to make it easy for everyone to measure and manage their body composition to support healthy living and make it accessible not only in hospitals and gyms, but also at home and at work.