We create your corporate recharge concept

We create your corporate recharge concept


Mental wellbeing and stress relief are very relevant nowadays. Both professionally as private there are a lot of signals which can cause an imbalance in our stress levels. This eventually can cause depressions or burnouts. Working on this preventively is needed, both on short- as on long-term. Short term it can lead to higher productivity, long term it will maintain physical and mental health.

Corporate </br>         Recharge </br> Concept


Cryohealth has worked out a ‘Corporate Recharge Concept’ for employees to become aware of the purpose of this topic. The equipment used for the concept will trigger the ‘relax response’ – the opposite of the ‘stress response’ – inside the brain.

As a company it is valuable to invest. On the one hand employees will become aware of these challenges, on the other hand, through the innovative vision you can diversify the company in ‘the war on talent’.

Your partner for every company who is actively involved in anti burnout and wants to give extra support to the wellbeing of his employees.

Use our recovery equipment in your business and generate more revenue.

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